PRATO is specialized in manufacturing and machining of mechanical parts in small and medium series according to the customer specifications. Through its machine park, experience and know-how of its staff, the PRATO company produces parts of varied sizes (from 5 mm to 4 meters) of very precised fabricated parts in different materials (steel, inox, aluminium...). The plant is divided into three production workshops:

The first is equipped with machines of conventional machining, machines with digital controls (for machining small parts) and a heat treatment oven (dimensions 5 m × 3 m × 2 m).

The second is equipped with digital control machines (5 axes) for machining and repair of the medium and the large parts.

The third workshop is reserved for metal construction and the manufacture of the fabricated parts.

Machining of medium & small sizes plant
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Turn BOMAC CNC FANUC 320x1500

Turn CMZ CNC FANUC 3 axes 302x580

Milling Machine DECKEL MAHO CNC SIEMENS 630x500x500

Milling Machine FAMUP CNC FIDIA 1000x500x500

Milling Machine OMV PARPAS CNC FIDIA 800x500x300

Milling Machine BOMAC CNC ECS 800x500x300

Surface Grinder RPVA 3300

Machining of big size plant
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Machining Center MAUT of 5 axes CNC FIDIA 4800x800x1500

Machining Center MGR 5 axes CNC SELCA 3000x1000x1200

Machining Center MECOF 5 axes CNC

Automatic drilling machine BOMAC

Metal construction workshop
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Digital plasma cutting bench SOITAAB

6 welding stations TIG,MIG/MAG HELVI

3 oxycutting positions HELVI

4 band saws FRIGGI

Guillotine shear B-B

Folding machine SCHIAVI

Hydraulic press HARE

Bridge crane 10T

Heat treatment oven 30 m3